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You could always buy the car, and get it painted and lettered. Christine Braden has done several items for me and I have been extremely pleased. My best suggestion would be to shop for a Kline tank car. My email address is in my profile. If you are interested and I will send you Christine's contact info and pictures of some of her work.

Do an eBay search for "K-LIne K631-1932 ". It appears to be close the car you are looking for

I grew up with King Syrup as well.  A well balanced molasses that was nicely between the black strap dark molasses and the light Kayro syrup.  It goes really nicely with pumpkin pie and corn muffins.  The ownership has changed a few times as has the recipe, but last time I had some it came from Martinsburg, WV and seemed to be back to the original recipe I remembered as a child.  Great stuff.

Cool tank car.  Looks like a fun project.

@HSD68 posted:

I know this post is old but I am doing a king syrup car and K4 pacific has the decals for the red and white car.  Have not found an all black set yet.  The stuff is great on scrapple but it must be RAPA brand.

Habbersett is much better, that is why I get it by the carload;


Back to the King Syrup tanker, I would get one, too.


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I overlooked this thread the first time around.

Seeing the photo of the King Syrup can brought back a wave of nostalgia for me too! My maternal grandmother always had a can of King Syrup on hand and would serve it over pancakes or scrapple when my sister and I were staying there. I hadn’t thought about that in 60 years…

A buddy of mine enjoys custom painting and detailing and this might make an ideal project for me to give to him. A Lionel steam era single dome tank car would work perfectly for this!


The King Syrup lion trademark would make a great paint scheme on an old fashion water tower!

I used to spend my summers with my extremely poor cousins in the tidewater area.  They had the King Syrup, and for breakfast they would only have a piece of toast with the syrup poured over it.  I tried it, and was shocked at how bad it tasted.   I was raised on good old Log Cabin, not molasses.


King Syrup I totally get, but I still don't understand scrapple.  It has been much romanticized.  My father grew up eating it because he had to.  Not because he wanted to.  As he told me, by the time my grandmother refried on the third day into some other recipe, he tried to avoid dinner.  Maybe there is an opportunity to make some custom scrapple hoppers.

Shoefly cake, Montgomery pie, a mince pie with real deer venison all with crispy crusts made with lard is what I really enjoyed from my Grandmother's Pennsylvania Dutch cooking!  I also forgot about the sweet bologna.  Not the spicier Lebanon bologna.  There is a huge difference. 

@Ralph M posted:

Has anyone ever made this tank car? If not, if they did I'd buy one.103690994_2790781654378473_7099758925595085410_o_colorSAI_result

I think there are enough of us who would be interested in purchasing one, possibly several of these King Syrup tank cars.  It very well may be a candidate as a special run by either Atlas or MTH by one of the local Baltimore regional dealers such as Just Trains Delaware, Engine House Hobbies, Side Track Hobbies or even Public Delivery Track,  which is not local to Baltimore, however, Beth Marshall does do Atlas and MTH special runs.    After all this is a very wonderful tank car specimen from the steam era.     Just a thought.

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