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Ok, maybe it isn't thought of as Bandit meets anymore, but it just sounds more cool and dangerous.

I attended both the Wyndham and new (to me) York Fairgrounds Orange hall show.  Good prices overall at Wyndham with two new Lionel cars added to my fleet, and Bob's trains was good to me at the Orange hall with a good deal on two more Lionel reefers to add to the layout.

I thought the Orange hall show had a good range of tables and Wyndham was filled inside with some tables outside.

I also plan to attend the official show on Friday, but by my notes the Bandit meets have better deals as these dealers want to make an offer so they don't have to pack up all their goods again for another year.

A little rain today, but a day at a train show is better than a day at work...

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@Gerhardt posted:

Are there still tables at the Fire Hall and Four Points Sheraton or did that all get consolidated to the fairgrounds? My son and I loved the firehall last time we were there in 2022. Will be back in October!!

Fire hall (Flyer mostly) and Four Points are still there.  Vendors in the Wyndham parking lot and Purple hall were somewhat negotiable.

Had good luck at the Wyndham and it was full with vendors. I think this will become my first choice for the bandit shows. The Four Points show seemed really light this season. Fewer vendors with sparsely populated tables. I’m not into Flyer, so I skip the fire hall.

Strangely enough, I couldn’t find any giraffe cars…….    

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