The sad saga of the B&LE 643 continues with it being relisted on ebay at $350,000. The only reason I mention it was that  a video of the locomotive, showing it under its own power, has shown up on youtube. The Real action is towards the middle of the recording.;


See for yourself. I was under the understanding that it never moved under its own power.

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Farmer_Bill posted:

Lionel pellets or Megasteam fluid? 

that looks alot like the abandoned warehouse it used to be parked under.  It fell down years ago. 

I didn't know about the compressed air test, but it makes sense considering there is no steam at the cylinder cocks or packing.  Also don't hear any steam powered appliances running.  Still a shame to see such a large beast go by the wayside, but I suspect at this point it may be doomed to the scrap pile.  A remnant of a bygone era that simply doesn't translate well into a new purpose like pulling excursion trains.  The price is now actually somewhat reasonable given the size of the equipment, but being on dead rail in McKees Rocks, near a class one that isn't particularly friendly to steam locomotives, isn't doing it any favors.

May God Bless us all.

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