I recently found photos of another pair of B&O caboose marker lamps with a quad bracket that holds the lamp to the caboose. The pair pictured is made by Adlake  and the pair I am talking about are the pair to the right in the first picture. and I am wondering if you have seen this type before? I would like to find some with a possibility of even being able to buy one or two. These are a unique design bracket. I will also attach a photo of a Handlan marker with the similar cast quad bracket. Any help for research would be appreciated. Thanks!B&O quad bracket markersB&O Handlan markerHandlan Caboose marker


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At one time these were rather common.

The four brackets were for rotating the marker lamp to show the required light color in the direction ordered by the rules.

For example, a train taking a siding would show an amber or green light (which color shows depends on the railroad and its rules) on the side where a following train would pass on the main track.  The other marker remained red.

The track-side marker would be changed to red again when the train moved out onto the main line.

Attached, 1953 rules governing use of class and marker lights on the B&O.  While a steam loco and passenger car are shown, the same rules applied to diesels and cabooses. 

Later designs for class and marker lamps allowed turning the lamp body to index points on its frame to change the light color.  The rules also include notations on moving color roundels in electric markers and class lights to change the aspect.

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Yes, they are a little harder to find, but seem to show up in B&O territory. That is why I am sending things to the Forum in case someone East of Wisconsin has some. The B&O seems to have designed this strange affair as I have only seen them on B&O marker lamps. Adlakes and Handlans so far.

When not mounted, the four arm bottom rim frame will rotate when holding the body of the marker light. When set in its bracket on a caboose, the body would be rotated to change aspects, as the bottom rim would be fixed in the holding bracket.

That way, it was much easier and safer to change the aspect of the marker or classification lamp by rotating the body of the lamp. 

With the four arm frame rigidly fixed to the body, a crewman would need to take the marker down off its bracket, turn the lamp around to show the desired aspect, then hoist it back up into the bracket. 

As you know, its not exactly a lightweight piece to hang in an outside corner bracket, especially at night in bad weather. 

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I have one that the B&O RR Museum had made into a desk lamp.  It was given to me as a wedding present  in 1974. It is the kind that rotates in the single bracket. That sure beats the heck out of having to lift the marker out to rotate it!

B&O Marker, not the original lampshade. Also, it came with only green and red bezels. I was able to find two yellow bezels, but, still need one more to replace the green one.

B&O Caboose Marker 1

B&O Caboose Marker 2

B&O Brakeman's Lantern, not the original lampshade.
This was also from the B&O Museum and it too was a wedding present.

B&O Brakeman's Lantern 1

B&O Brakeman's Lantern 2

What I find interesting about these pieces is that they both have all of their internal parts, making them fully functional if one wanted.


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