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@DOC you have done a lot great repaints. I was thinking of painting a few and was wondering what can be used to strip the old paint off of them? Would TSP work, as if you were removing old tinplate paint? Or do you just paint over the remaining paint since the new paint is heavy enough to cover and blend a smooth final coat? Thanks for any advice.

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Most of these are original , some repainted and a few broken ones modified . Plus I have 200+- BarclayManoil doughboy soldiers in various conditions.  Also in the collection I have the winter figures along with two that were modified so they are throwing snowballs at each other.  These figures as well as a few other manufacturers go hand in hand with standard gauge trains. CA781944-5689-4295-83C1-68DFECF07F9E5B4D4593-32C6-4197-BB74-1BAF478217A5250853B5-D880-4B23-B85B-0668F09F5DE77269E688-2D51-4ECC-B637-A2B53BCA71C828A9730C-4245-4F0D-9546-D69F1EE1F1C4C4D560A4-69FE-454C-A7CC-34590A9A30BAF3FAE52F-E311-40A2-A42C-2A6671D1EDBF6584B6C2-7715-402E-9F87-E411DFC9D59FDCFC8D2D-2A87-49E9-BF9E-98D80BA93039BAC62250-B655-4440-B98D-7348A9E6D80ECD50F0D8-A256-4112-B491-6215BD928AAEB1C10CE8-1FCD-4E67-B069-7C265BDCCA736999E75F-8944-42A0-8402-1ACE5728BA321E745175-BF2D-4E70-9B54-5DD925680ACD57928BE2-9C88-485F-9A50-D8C6BC01F9F9A13153FF-C6C4-4D00-9963-6F5C42F647E2D45EC960-0FF1-4A6F-8EFE-3237135F71B1


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