Barry's DCS Book


I checked my book list and i am up to date with all of your DCS Manuals.

Now, I will have to wait until there are newer editions to the same in the upcoming months.

Thank You again for your reply to me.

Michael 'Santa Fe Mike' Sudlow

Presently a member of the T.M.B. Model Train Club, Farmingdale, New York located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. The website for the club is as follows:


I keep one handy at all times.    It is a must tool to have if you are a DCS kind of guy/gal.







MTH Railroaders Club-17209

MTH DCS and Wi-Fi  Beta Tester

MTH Factory  Certified Technician-6 schools.   Repair Technician #990284

LIONEL Factory Trained Certified  Repair Technician #10140

Member Mid America 3 Railers and NJ HiRailers




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