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I have a remake of the Lionel 313 Bascule Bridge. ( 6-12948).  It is new to me and I am placing it on  the layout. The issue I am having is when the bridge is being lowered. It seems to stop about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch above the mating surface. If I force the bridge back ,I hear a gear move and it is in perfect alignment with the mating track. I do not want to continue to force the bridge close for fear of stripping a gear or some other damage. Is there a lower limit adjustment screw? If so, how do I access it to make an adjustment. Will I have to remove the bridge from the layout?

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That bascule bridge uses limit switches for the reverse and forward up and down positions you have to run it up and down and set the limit switch adjustment to get it set correctly! Do not run the motor for these adjustments because if you set the limit where it won't stop and you'll  cause the mechanism to bind! one move the motor by hand until you see the limit switch click and move the motor manually the other direction and listen and watch the limit switch click, then when your you're you close run the bridge with power but be ready to kill power if it's trying to run to far!

not really hard to adjust, I would not recommend taking the motor gear box as I have heard of a friend taking the mechanism apart and was never able to get to run without binding!


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