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Hi, I’m building a Christmas themed storefront display. It may be a silly question but any opinions on the color of the base layer board? I was going to go with white but wanted to check as this is my first build.

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If you are planning a snow scene, DEFINITELY paint the platforms a flat white. Below, I have included several photos of an earlier iteration of our layout which includes several sections of snow scenes. We use quilt batting as the snow enhanced by powdered snow as used by florists for Christmas floral arrangements, on the roads and to cover the tops of white thumb tacks that hold the quilt batting to the layout platforms. The quilt batting is available from fabric stores and comes in several thicknesses up to 3/4" (3 scale feet in O, 1:48 scale). The batting gives the effect of a fluffy falling of dry snow. We used to fasten down the batting using white, flat-headed thumbtacks topped off by a pinch of the powdered snow. the slight indentations in the batting because of the thumbtacks give the snow a more realistic, uneven effect. On the newest iteration of the layout, now under construction, we will used a staple gun to secure the batting. For a fresh look each year, we buy new batting in that the stuff from the previous year will show every spot of dirt that accumulated and stuck to the batting. I recommend large sheets of quilt batting over the small bags over sheet snow cover as sold by Department 56 or Buffalo Snow in that you can cover a larger surface area for much less money!!!


A Christmas, store-window train display will be a real eye catcher and will attract many customers.

Here endeth the dissertation of my thoughts on the subject.


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Well, I second the batting suggestion, but I find the batting is thick enough that you can use it to cover just about any color surface. That way, you can use the batting to temporarily cover other landscaping for a winter/holiday theme, and remove it later to restore the original landscaping and color. OTOH, white paint would be appropriate for anything other than a dirty urban snowfall!

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