I've always been an O gauge operator and that's my expertise. Just this week a neighbor who is elderly and handicapped asked me if I would take a look at an AT&S.F Marklin G scale engine that wasn't running properly. Since I know little about these trains:

1 Can I test this engine on AC or DC voltage?

2. He just gave me the Locomotive and it has a plug in cable. Can I test this unit without the tender?

3. At the bottom it looks like there is a removable plate with a few phillips screws. Is this for a battery?

The only numbers that I can find is on a label at the bottom that says Marklin 10018366 and a no 28 on the smokestack.. Now if I test this and can't get it to work by going over the wiring, who does repairs on these trains?  Replies and info will help out a 77 yr old severely handicapped guy who outside of a few Marklin trains does't have very much. Comments greatly appreciated.

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