BB40's for the White Pass?

It could come true--from Railway Age: Growing Alaska's Gold Rush Railroad

Long story short, the cruise-ship line serving up boatloads of tourists looking to ride the White Pass & Yukon became part owner of the line, and are looking to inject some much-needed capacity expansion into the line. Only complication is the need to haul 16-car trains up the 3.9% max grade on narrow-gauge track. Most traction motors that would fit the bill on a four or six-axle truck are too big for the WP&Y's gauge....except one made by GE, who dusted off a solution they employed for export units facing a similar dilemma...the span-bolstered BB truck. Look deep into the article, and it appears GE is proposing an eight-axle version of the Dash 8 for WP&Y.

To get an idea of what these may look like have a look at this Brazilian meter-gauge Dash 9:

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Only wrinkle is these would tend to dwarf the WP&Y's passenger stock. But beggars can't be choosers


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