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As far as I know, none have made it to O as of yet. BCOL has been sorely overlooked in O gauge, minus some MTH offerings. Your best bet will be to paint one yourself, or commission a custom repaint unless Atlas upscales their most recent HO release.   I'm deep down the rabbit hole in messing with BC in HO, only wish O had a fraction of what's available in smaller scales.  Attached a link to one of my videos featuring part of my consist.  

That’s exactly the caboose I’m looking for... I’ve seen Christine’s work in other posts here, if she’s not too expensive I might just have her do the job. I could make it look borderline acceptable on my own, but I plan to get a nice scale size caboose and I think it would be worth it to have a professional paint job to match the quality of the caboose itself and the engine...

Yes Atlas made the caboose in O scale and O Gauge several years back. Here is a photo of my long British Columbia Railway train running with the caboose.

Central Hobbies in Vancouver B.C. still has Atlas British Columbia Railway RS3's  in stock in O gauge. A bit more detailed then the Railking MTH version you have. They still may have some other BCR freight cars in stock. Can also check with Kelly's Kaboose in Savona.

Both of the above store's carry the Canadian Toy Train association custom runs of engines and freight cars. The club has done many items in BCR and PGE Pacific Great Eastern (the name of the company before it was renamed to BCR) Here is a page of our clubs special runs; The red white and blue BC Rail caboose is near the bottom of the page. You can also contact the club to put a wanted link on the club website or they can e-mail to the club  next newsletter saying you are looking for the Green Atlas British Columbia Caboose. Atlas, Weaver and MTH also released many other freight cars in the green.  If you are in US and buying from Canada remember that the US $ is high to the Cdn $ so anything you buy will be considerable less with the exchange rate. 

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OK the Atlas engines are nicely detailed I have both MTH and Atlas, yes nice detail on the Atlas. I will ask around our next train club members and see if anyone is willing to sell a green caboose as some have been for sale at club meetings in the past. 

My 3 rail RS3 from MTH runs and pulls well looks OK. The 2 rail Atlas RS3 I modified cab paint to PGE green instead of BCR. Yes the Atlas has great detail but MTH works better and has the sound Atlas for my 2 rail is DC. 

A year and a half ago, I was on the exact same quest for the green O scale BCR caboose. I contacted Kelly's Kaboose and they told me at the time this one was very rare and they didn't have it. But they had the red, white and blue version from K-Line so I bought it.


Shortly after, still hunting for the green caboose, found one from Atlas in O scale on eBay and bought it too.


The K-Line caboose has more details than the Atlas one but I like them both.

Good luck in your search, I'm sure you will find it one day.


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I appreciate the heads up on the k-line cars, but they would still need to be repainted and the caboose I bought was considerably cheaper than the k-line cabooses...

I wanted the green caboose... I could take a chance and wait for the Atlas factory painted car to show up for sale somewhere (might happen tomorrow, might take a long time, and probably won’t be “cheap”), or I could buy a reasonably priced caboose in any roadname now and repaint it. I chose the latter because my criteria was a scale size caboose in the green scheme, and I’m not concerned with whether it’s factory paint or not...


I think you did the smart thing by buying the right style caboose and having it painted and decals applied.  I’ve had to go the same route twice myself, once to have a Lackawanna caboose and a second time for an NKP GP9. Fortunately, I have a highly skilled buddy who handles the custom paint, decals and detailing in return for lunch or a late breakfast at his favorite place.  👍


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D9749B99-FE20-4F1A-B973-C5BD1F6C3D5FWell, the DIY side of me is out of its cage again! I started to disassemble the caboose, and next thing I knew there was a coat of primer on the caboose and a PayPal receipt in my email for a couple cans of BC green paint...

After reading a few threads on stripping MTH cars I decided to wet sand what little lettering the car had off, and simply prime over the original color. A side bonus to this method is that I masked off the roof, so I won’t have to repaint it...

Now to come up with the decals...


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I’m so impatient sometimes...


My gut said “prime it”, so I ran down to Hobby Lobby and picked up a can of Tamiya fine primer, first time I’ve used it... boy is it great stuff!

There’s only light green and black on the cupola, and no lettering, so once the green cures I can mask it off and hit the roof with black, then flat clear the whole thing and the cupola will be done...


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@harleyhouse posted:

How did the oven cleaner work out?

Worked pretty well... I found a can of the “skull and crossbones” stuff on a shelf in the basement, that worked well but there wasn’t very much left. For some reason I had a hard time finding any oven cleaner in the stores around here, and when I did find some it was the newer “safer” lemon scented formula. That stuff didn’t work very well at all...



I’m really happy with how it turned out!

The light green dried a little bit lighter than the light green that Atlas used on the engine, but it doesn’t bother me at all... it’s not obvious unless the caboose is right next to the engine... let’s just say the engine had been shopped and painted more recently than the caboose, therefore the caboose is a bit faded...

The decals went on well, and they look great! I can highly recommend Highball Graphics! I sent them an email Friday evening asking if they could resize the HO decals to O, not expecting an answer until sometime on Monday... they responded on Saturday morning that they had resized them and added them to the website! Above and beyond expectations!

Edit: I somehow managed not to loose any of the grab irons!



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