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@nkptomo posted:

I turned the connections around on the BCR. I thought I had it reversed.

As a general rule, electronics don't like to be hooked up reversed/backwards.

Not meaning to be an alarmist, and not saying that there is, but you might consider the possibility of circuit board damage.

One way to see that is to get a big magnifying glass and closely inspect both sides of the circuit board. If you find any black/burnt spots or wires that are no longer  connected, you will know there is a problem.

Mind you, the board can still be bad even if it looks good. It can get its "brains" scrambled, but still look good.

But if it looks bad, then you know it is bad.

Sometimes the engineer/designer of the circuit board is smart enough to have the electronics protect themselves.

I hope all this makes sense. It's way past my bedtime and my sentence structure is either degrading quickly, or already gone off the rails.

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