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In texting wit Dan on the other Beep conversations, I decided to break away from that, as the primary conversations were just about Beep running characteristics. As a long time sci-fi fan, and retired film archivist, my portable layout reflects Area 51, with a captured UFO on a Lionel flat, and the other one with a champagne cork wire landing gear on a ridge. The Beep and caboose are RMT, and the other cars are Lionel. Atlantis Plastic Models also makes UFO’s, one from Earth Versus the Flying Saucers, in addition to some O scale truck kits. Is this hobby fun, or what?!B552C76A-50BA-42B9-A16A-80AEFCAD1B358B997B25-BFDE-4791-ADFB-9ABFD2EF87AB0645335A-B2AF-463C-B310-0EB78CCD0A74


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Great stuff, guys! Dan, is that Martian War Machine from Atlantis models? And, where did you get the Gort figure?

And, yes, Star Wars figures count.

Rusty, I notice you have the Martian machine as well. Is that an Atlantis model?

I was a film archivist, and ran MoMA’s Film Preservation Center for 18 years until my retirement in 2015. We had those films, and classic sci-fi was my favorite. We had over 80,000 films in the collection when I left.

On the topic of Sci-fi, does anyone know where I can get some Battlestar Galactica themed O-scale accessories?

I have 3D printed a Viper MkII (I will upload a picture later today) and I am looking for matching figures. I can design/3D print them if I have to but I would rather not.
Thanks in advance!


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