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A two-part question:

First, I am interested in picking up some sound board parts for doing some sound upgrades to give me greater audio variety beyond ERR RS Commander kits. Based on this thread mixing Lionel RS boards with ERR kits should be doable with some tools. When I look at Lionel's website however, both the RS powered motherboard and RS Power Supply board are "Unavailable". Is there any chance that these will be restocked? Or is there another power board I can use? Or are the parts in stock and I'm just looking at the wrong pages? For reference, I'd like to use the RS4.0 board from 6-28057 (SOU 4-8-2) in conjunction with an ERR Commander to give some TMCC life to a conventional loco. I could use a ERR RS Commander kit but I like the whistle from that engine.

Parts I looked at:
SOU 4-8-2 RS 4.0 Board #: 691PCB1102
RS Power Supply #: 691PCB104D (UNAVAIL)
RS Powered Motherboard #: 691PMB2A02 (UNAVAIL)

Second, the sound in my LC+ 2.0 Berkshire (1932040) has died. I only get sputtering and popping noises from it. Looking the model up on the Lionel Support website, the only part that shows up is 691LCP2012. It looks like all the electronics are in one package - is this the case? Am I unable to just replace the sound board?

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