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With much excitement I jumped into the hobby and opened boxes from Charles Ro earlier this week containing a ZWL, 990 Legacy Command and a Legacy GP35 (L1933352). So far, I can't get the GP35 to move on my Gargraves test track.

* Wiring: Legacy Command to outer rail, ZWL A to inner rail, U to other outer rail.

* The GP35 had sound for an instant the first time I turned it on with the remote controller, then it died never to be heard again. In Command there is no response at all from the GP35. The engine switch is on run, not program.

* The GP35 won't move when I switch the ZWL to Conventional, although an older non-Legacy unit does move. I've got 18 volts on the track in Conventional without a train. When I dial up the lever to 18 volts in Conventional with the train on the track, the red light on the transformer turns solid red indicating an overload while the GP35 hums. There is nothing on the section of short, straight track except the GP35.

* I've tried the reset the GP35 following the manual (switch to program, press ENG, loco #, set, turn off track power for 10 seconds, switch to run) same result.

* Legacy version 1.6. I assume I can ignore the modules that came with the system: Cab2 Program V1.6 and Base Program V1.6.

* I'm obviously a beginner and don't know how to fix this or what my next steps should be. Thank you.

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If it’s new gargraves out of the box, clean it. I seem to recall it has an oil on it so it doesn’t rust.
Also connect legacy to the same rail as the U post. Gargraves is insulated side to side. The wheels should close the circuit between outer rails but don’t leave it to chance.
After cleaning:

If the number boards don’t light up when powered up with legacy connected, the engine is probably kaput.
If you disconnect legacy and just apply transformer power and nothing happens, it’s definitely kaput.

If you just bought it from Ro, call them. They’re easy to deal with on taking care of it.

In line with what @Boilermaker1 posted, I would do the following.

Power off the Legacy base. Make sure the switch on the back of the ZW-L is set to CONV (for conventional mode). Have all the ZW-L handles at 0 volts. Have engine on track, turn on the ZW-L power switch, and slowly advance the handle for the ZW-L output you are using to track - I suggest you use the A or D output and associated handle. Watch the amp meter that current does not go to near max - indicating a short circuit. Engine should power up in conventional mode, allowing you to use the direction button on the ZW-L to cycle through the engines Forward-Neutral-Reverse sequence. If the engine responds, and you can make it move, handle for speed, direction switch for direction, engine is okay, on to Legacy. Power off the ZW-L

I would connect a wire from the Legacy base to the dedicated Command Base binding post on the back of the ZW-L. Leave ZW-L in conventional mode. Power on the Command base first. Then power up the ZW-L. Wait about 5 seconds to let electronics stabilize, then power up the ZW-L handle for the engine to near full power. The engine should light up. Since the engine is new, it should be set to ENG 1, so press the CTC button on the CAB2 to turn it on, press ENG on the CAB2, the the number 1. Blow the horn with the Bell/Horn slider on the CAB2. Engine should blow horn and start making its engine sounds. Turn the red knob, and away you should go.

Then its time to explore what you can do via the CAB2 by using the Legacy manual.

Hopefully, all the above will work for you.

If you want to use the ZW-L in Command mode, there are a couple more lessons to learn. But get through the above first.

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