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This past week just received the first ever 0m scale car from Bemo. What is 0m...they are 0 scale model (1/45) who run on scale metric gauge tracks of...well the "standard" (introduced by Fama in the early 80's) is 22.5 mm (0.885 inches)...Bemo decided to go with 22.2 mm (0.874 inches) which is the exact scale down version of 1 meter (3.28 ft) gauge at 1/45.(22.2 mm is also used by FerroSuisse, ABG, Model Rail....) Well, they do offer/ sell a wheelset and coupler kit to retrofit the car to the 22.5 mm gauge of the Fama/Alpinline tracks.


As the first model they chose the very common GBK-v boxcar from the RhB.(in 4 different scheme) The model is a perfect representation of the original, the length of 18.8 cm (7.4 inches) match the original length of 8.45 meter (27.7 ft). It is complety made out of plastic (except wheels and grab bars in metal) and weight 171 grams (6 oz)...yes it's light. They do come standard with Kaddee couplers, a single spring buffer can be installed to accept the chain link finescale coupler (buffer is included, coupler can be ordered from Model Rail) and doors as well as the vents can be open. Even being very delicate it is solidly put together and decoration is first rate.


A few pics....


The original


gbk-v 5525 RHB


The "Italian" side...







The "German" side..



The front end platform..with the single buffer



Underbody details..the 2 little "dot" behind the couplers box are to screw in the finescale chain link couplers.





Ok now what..(no I'm not ditching the 3rails, just concentrate on Swiss model there too) !!!...well the second car in the line (a modern refrigerated container) is in production...then tracks should arrive by the end of well as the first engine (the universal Ge 4/4 ii) it will be a while until can actually run these, but heck the Bernina Line was not built in 1 year...and maybe 1 day I will be able to have something like this...


Bemo cars on the Model Rail Show layout (the engine is a Model Rail and not a pre-production Bemo one)



BemoOm GBK-v [model rail anlage)



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  • BemoOm GBK-v (model rail anlage)
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That is a very nice car, Lafondue -- and you take nice, clear photos also, much appreciated.


I'm pretty sure that 22.5 mm / S gauge as a 'standard' for 0m appeared well before Fama arrived on the scene, as defined by an NEM norm [ 010, from memory ];  I just can't find a hard copy of the basic NEM standards going back that far, though I think I have it somewhere.


You might want to buy or borrow a section of S track, preferably scale S, and see how well the Bemo car tracks on it, given that it's only 0.3 mm narrrower.  If that works, then you may be able to run this car with Fama usw items, which would be both expedient and economical.   Turnouts [guardrails ? ] might be a second step.

If you do this, let us know how it works.


With best regards,



Note: NEM are similar to NMRA RP's / standards in concept



- I did not express myself too well above:  I meant to indicate that NEM 010 established S gauge as the 'standard' for 0m well before any commercial models appeared on the scene.


- Your point about the curve radii is well taken;  typically the larger fine-scale rolling stock, like a Krok, won't go around those Fama curves.


- At one time I had thoughts about an 0 + 0m layout, and acquired quite a lot [ I don't mean 'a lot', I mean 'a LOT' ] of 0m in the Fama through Roco eras -- but I just didn't have the space to do both.  Of course, those mfgs never concentrated on the RhB, only the Gem4/4 being offered, + Bernina cars, basically.  But I've always been an RhB fan, though primarily in the green [ loco ] era.  Here's three from a 1966 visit:





With best regards as usual, SZ


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@Steinzeit...well I hope you still have all your 0m, even by today standard they are still good looking/ running model..true that they never offered a lot of RHb model, maybe 1 of their mistake, since the RHb have fans all over. The "after Roco" Alpinline did correct that with a good amount of RHb model (maybe even too much in the short amount of time, could never recoup the tooling cost for such a niche market)...they are darn hard to find on the secondary market.


Thanks for these 3 pics...specially the 2nd one, that's an amazing sight of this ABe 4/4 with the original pantograph and in green, since already in the early 60's most where repainted red.


You probably know this site, but in case  the narrow gauge archive of Switzerland with almost 20'000 pictures...but even there no pics of the ABe 4/4 I in green.




Nice green pictures!  And yes, the bottom of the cars are too light, but this is also a trait of the LGB and KISS G gauge versions of the same equipmet - I guess it must be a universal trait over there.



Interior Floor


The Kiss cars also have a light underbelly.  In fact, at first glance I thought the Om model looked remarkably like a Kiss model.  It's interesting to note that the Om model has remarkably better underside detail than the G guage model, but this also seems to be the norm; G guage skimps on truck and underside detail to help equipment run on tight radius track in a rough outdoor environment, while focusing on roof and body detail.  However, some of the more recent LGB releases (at least those with new tooling) of RhB fright and passenger cars have much better underside detail than the old stuff.

Truck Trusses Intact


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  • Interior Floor
  • Truck Trusses Intact
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@Glenn..thanks for the pics...interesting to see that the axle is mounted on a "pivot" that common on G scale train, even for the short 2 axles cars..??


Nice to see a "La vaudoise assurance" pic on this forum..


Interestingly Kiss did produce a "Bemo" version of the GBk-v car, doubt they will ever do it again !!!




And to stay on the G scale topic....the new 2013 LGB catalogue offer some interesting new tooled items (finally..!!!)




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@Glenn..thanks for the pics...interesting to see that the axle is mounted on a "pivot" that common on G scale train, even for the short 2 axles cars..??


Yes, and it probably began with the original LGB lineup because of the need to run on tight radius curves.


Nice to see a "La vaudoise assurance" pic on this forum.


Can I ask what this means?

Originally Posted by Glenn Fresch:



Nice to see a "La vaudoise assurance" pic on this forum.


Can I ask what this means?

On your 1st pic..the ad on the car is for the insurance company "Vaudoise"..wich is the French name of Waadt Versicherungen (since it's a RHb car probably also has the Italian "Vodese" and/or even Rumantsch "Vadaisa" logo/name.)


They now only use the French name accross the ad on the car can be considered as "Historic"..they also removed the straight line in the larger "oval" of the logo during the rebranding.


But they still put ad on a branded RBe 4/8 from the LEB railway (also a metric gauge railroad)





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