I recently purchased a Lionel Union Pacific "Building America" LEGACY SD70ACe #8348 6-28264 but when it arrived the engineer side sunshade is bent completely down.  I checked the Lionel website and this part is not listed as separately available.  Can I simply bend this back up or is there a better way to prevent breaking it?





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I had similar situation with one of my diecast es44s. I warmed it up with a hair dryer, not to hot where plastic around it would melt, but pretty warm. Then like the advice above, very slowly bent it back into position. I did not do the entire move at once, but rather over five or six smaller moves with re-heating in between.

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They are not metal but plastic and fragile. You will have to glue back on with super glue for the best hold.


Plastic cement - like plain ol' Testors; no "Euro" cement required - is the best thing for gluing most plastics, especially those used in models. It's not really an adhesive, but rather a solvent, so the two parts become one.

CA is indeed good stuff for all sorts of things, especially dissimilar substances that have no common "solvent".  

I will remove the cab and try to see how these are attached.   I hope this is “separately applied metal detail” and if so should bend.   If plastic it seems like doom and gloom or really doom and glue.  I will go slow and try some heat but certainly don’t want to warp the cab or watch the windows fall out.  


Thanks everyone.  

Well, if it is plastic I would skip the heat and just use a liquid solvent cement. I apply it with fine needle nose forceps using it like a drafting pen. You can lay down a fine line along the crack. Let it sit for about 20 seconds to soften the underlying plastic. Then lay down another line and lift gently up holding it there for a few minutes. Tenax 7R or its replacement Micro Mark Same Stuff evaporates pretty quickly and may not damage the paint if you are careful.

Shame on Lionel for using plastic for this vulnerable part.


Opening the shell to check whether there are any prongs or tabs holding this part on is definitely the better course  before you go applying heat to the area. I had this problem with a Lionel AC6000. It turned out the shades were metal (the body shell isn’t) and it looked like they were affixed to the body with two round metal prongs inserted through holes in the shell. It bent back into shape correctly and easily with just some gentle and sustained pressure.

P.S. From your first photo it sure looks to me like there are two prongs extending out from the shade and inserted into the top of the cab body, which is exactly what I found with my loco. The material is probably brass so pliable/flexible under pressure but with too much force it can snap. 

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