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Right after the OGR Forum Grandstand Meeting on Friday April 24 at York, I will be available to sign your NKP 765 Berkshire boxes at our booth in the Orange hall. Lionel CEO Howard Hitchcock will also be there, pen in hand! We'll do this from 3 to 5 pm.


I have often said that my autograph and a couple of bucks will get you a cup of coffee anywhere. 

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I don't think it does either.  The idea is, as a current engineer, Rich's signature would be a unique part of the personal experience.
Originally Posted by Bagelman:
I thought a few weeks ago there was a post talking about what people think about a signed engine.    Just trying to figure out is this suppose to make the value of the item decrease or increase?


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Originally Posted by JohnB:


     Should this of been posted on the York Forum?


     Will you sign my Legacy K4 box I don't have a Berk?

It IS on the York TCA Forum...with a shortcut in the 3-Rail Forum.



Originally Posted by Bagelman:
...Just trying to figure out is this suppose to make the value of the item decrease or increase?

Model trains are no longer investments that are going to go up in value. That ship sailed years ago. A signature on the box will do nothing about for the monetary "value" of the locomotive one way or the other.


Today the "value" of any piece of model railroad equipment is the enjoyment you get out of operating it. A signature on the box is not going to change that.

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I disagree.

Rich Melvin will not be with us forever  (I know a surprise, even to him)

Some day when Rich, myself and others are long gone, the model of this locomotive with the signature of the fellow operated it and had a intimate relationship with it will have some value.

Other signatures I value would be Steve Winicker, Chief Mechanical Officer.

He knows every nut, bolt on the 765...literally a rivet counter.

Are they others signatures that are important..yes, there most definitely are.

But these two signatures that I, Bryan Smith, value because my relationship with these two professionals.
Some day, to someone like me and people with a like mindset, these signatures will bring a personal connection to these models and that value will be priceless.

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