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@Dave Ripp. posted:

Thanks for the list. You've come up with more things I wish I could have than the last 5 catalogs. Now I just need to win the lottery.

Agreed.  Thank God the year is coming to a close and I can assign a new budget for a new year.  I'm glad Berwyn's has an accessible catalog now because I can't keep up adding all these custom runs to my wish list spreadsheet.  Because the quantities are so limited, MTH really creates a sense of urgency.  I'm looking forward to receiving my first shipment from Berwyns within the next few weeks.  I think they also should do another custom run of the Berwyns store.  Saw it in person again 2 weeks ago and you can see it on the  video link above.

Summer is a-coming!  Heat is on the way! Here's some Hot videos for you to enjoy......

Check out our latest video reviews of our newly released custom run freight cars!

Berwyn's MTH custom run Flatcars w/ Pipe Loads

Berwyn's MTH custom run Flatcar: CNW w/ Old Home Bread Pup Trailers

Berwyn's MTH custom run Drop-Bottom Gondolas: IC and M&StL

In stock now!

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