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Question for Gene McCandless, or whoever knows the answer - who made the B&LE F7's on the cover of Run 316 (the current issue)?  Initially I thought MTH, but the cab numbers aren't right - older MTH Premier had the right paint scheme but was #727, 728; newer PS-3 units are wrong paint scheme and #722, 725 not 701.  B&LE is my favorite western PA railroad, and I can't seem to find what these might be.

Thanks for any info.

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@Bessemer643 posted:

They look to be the first run from MTH. 701a 701b and 702a set. Made a extra very hard to find 702b unit.

What in your opinion is wrong with the ps3 paint scheme?

Nothing wrong as far as B&LE paint schemes is concerned; just not the same paint scheme as that on the 701 unit on the cover.  And when I looked at the MTH website before posting, the 2006 run showed cab numbers of 727 and 728.  Were they 701, 702 as-produced?

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