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I himmed and hawed about spending the bucks for RRTrack. I have to say it has some pretty nice features and for the most part runs without constant blow-ups. Very stable. The learning curve isn't too bad either.


That said, I would like to see a bit more 'conformity' to some of the Windows standards for pop-up menus, better alignment to standard "drawing" programs, and customizable tool ribbon(s) for track pieces.


Is it worth the money? I have to say absolutely "Yes!". I think future editions/versions will further refine the product and make it just about indispensable in the planning processes.


I would endorse this vote for rrtack, but for version 4, not for v5.  I get periodic crashes with v5, and an annoying bug where I lose ctrl-c and ctrl-v for cut/paste.  I've also had many problems with the simulation not working correctly.  I did talk to rrtrack support for the cut/paste issue and he said "it works for me".  So I'm not happy with v5 at all.  (sorry to hijack this thread)...

I didn't buy until V5...and you are correct: V5 has some funky bugs. I've learned to work around them, but it definitely has some stability issues.

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