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You Forum folks who repair the beloved model trains of others, and also sell the parts and supplies that are needed for the repairs - well, IMO, you are the best of the best.

Thank you for all that you do so our trains can continue to enchant our children, grandchildren, family, friends and us.

For those of you who want to share your appreciation for your train doctors and those who supply what is needed for our train repairs, here is the place to do it.

And, how about those Forum repair geniuses who share with us their expertise, free of charge, so we can make some of those repairs ourselves - well, no doubt about it, you are the best of the best too.

Now, I will share the inspiration for this post. 

GGG was referred to me by my dear Forum friend, Melgar. I emailed GGG, told him about the loss of the sounds in my MTH Proto 3 diesel, he agreed to take on the repair project, and he fixed it in 1 day for a reasonable price. Now, that is what I call great service. We also spoke on the phone and had a great conversation.

The following day, I decided to order some Super Flex Wire. so I can try to repair a few of my Postwar operating cars myself. Based on the recommendation of a fellow Forum member (I will track down his name and post it shortly), I called Jeff Kane of The Train Tender. When I called Jeff, I ordered the wire I needed at a very modest cost, he shipped it out to me the same day, and we also had a great conversation. Again, I got great service.

Just like there is more than 1 great medical doctor, there is also more than 1 great train doctor. You now have an opportunity here to sing the praises of those who have fixed your trains and given you great service. By doing so, you can help your fellow hobbyists immensely. 


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At the top of my list is Gunrunnerjohn. He has done 5 conversions for me in the last 18 months, and there's a 6th waiting in line in his shop. His knowledge of electronics and electrical systems is seemingly unlimited. Combine that with his can-do outlook, and good things happen when you send a train to him for repair or upgrade. 

When I asked John to convert my Williams Niagara to DCS, we weren't sure it would work. He emailed me to tell me what was going on, and I told him to scrap the project as it didn't seem like it was in the cards for it to work. He was determined to find a way to make it work, and he did, by making a custom flywheel tape. Combining an MTH operating system with a 30-year old loco that was made before DCS hit the market was no doubt a challenge, but he made it work. That loco is now one of the best runners I have, and a favorite of visitors. 


Also, we need to posthumously recognize Marty Fitzhenry in this thread. I only knew him a short 3 or 4 years, but it didn't take long for me to learn that he could fix just about anything. 


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GRJ has been a great help with his suggestions, tips and parts he has supplied as I get back into the hobby after a 3 year layoff due moving and having to finish the basement before building the layout. Jeff Kane also with his great service and supply of parts when I was repairing a PW Switcher with battery damage. Was able to bring it back to life and she runs great. Also want to thank follow forum member PennsyDave who also was a great help with setting up my DCS system for a small temp layout I put up. 

What continues to amaze me, is that the experts who we talk about above, some that even make an income fixing trains, also so freely give advice and walk us through repairs on the forum.  CW Burfle (RIP) also comes to mind.  The great thing about this forum is that with all of the archived advice, many of the answers to our questions are already answered through their generous knowledge sharing of years past.  It is also amazing that this forum is open to the public without membership or fee.  I think it is part of what makes is so good - and the guys running the ship (or locomotive) understand that.  I am proudly a digital subscriber and send my much of my business to forum sponsors to support the effort.

Thank you for all your contributions.

The idea is for this to be a resource, where we can find the experts we need to make train repairs, or supply what we need to make our own repairs, based on word of mouth referral. IMO, that is the best way to obtain great service.

As JD mentioned above, isn't it interesting how the train doctors recommended above are, by and large, the most willing to share their expertise, free of charge, when technical questions are asked on this Forum. That's one of the reasons they are the best of the best among us.

We can add to this thread as we continue to obtain great service in the future. Arnold

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