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What paints do you recommend to touch-up the gray chassis of an AF UP 372 and the blue of an AF 350 Royal Blue?   Brush-on preferably.  Looking for best color match.  Thanks. 

Give Doug Peck at Portlines Hobbies a call. He does have a wide selection of good brush-on paints for AF which may be viewed on the web site. He has some very good matches for the Royal Blue (although there are different hues for prewar, 1948, and 1950) and you might benefit by consulting with Doug when you make a selection as you might, as well, for the UP GP-7.

Hope this helps.


Thanks.  I'm aware of and purchase them from Doug.  Was also wondering if anyone has come across suitable alternatives, particularly that might be Acrylic instead of enamel.  Also, while on the topic, my experience has been that Doug's jars can become difficult to re-open after a use or two.  Anyone found a technique to avoid that or re-open them more easily if stubborn?  Thanks. 

Any specs, P/N, or names for the different UP grays and Royal Blue blues? 


S happens

I repainted a 350 Royal Blue engine/tender and of all things I used the cheapest Walmart rattle can blue paint. The kicker?'s called "Royal Blue"!

 of course there's no guarantee it's the color you need. In the past if I had a need for small touch-ups I would spray a bit of the paint in a plastic container until it puddled up and then quickly brushed a bit of the paint on the scratch or whatever. It dried super fast so the fix was quick and the color matched the original since it was the same paint. Who knows...maybe it's the shade you need!



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