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I would appreciate recommendations for vendors who you have found to have the most complete selection of parts for these stations. I have found a few places for signs and clock faces but will also need building parts including a tower roof and a new record. I would also consider a parts donor station.

Email me (in profile) if the vendor is not listed above. Thank you.




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I had the records working for awhile on mine but it didn't sound loud enough for me.  I bought a sound unit from someone online with the recordings on it.  Push button operated.  What I think works much better is playing them as mp3s from my iPhone via a Bluetooth speaker.  I have all of them.  If this is something you might be interested in I can email you the files.  It plays real loud this way and I have other sound files I play on my layout this way as well. 

I purchased a lot of NOMA records once at a Wheaten show. All turned out to be badly scratched. The screwy sound box in the stations was real screwy. It was a miniature record player that Edison would have laughed at.

There are so many other real nice stations out there that this one was easy to ignore. If you love it go for the replacement sound system that can be remotely activated.

Those got pricey. About a third of that around 2013, and double maybe 2-3 years ago. They had way more recording options too; other mfgs like AF; etc.

(I run a "silent" AF talking station for the station stop timer; really just needs the needle and tube, but I know I'll just pull it out again in two days anyhow. The board held appeal in that it was cheap and I could shut it off easy    

My big hind in sight; could'a, should'a jumped  😲

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