Best touch up paint for MTH steam engine?

I have a couple of steam engines in my fleet that have aquired a few paint chips throughout the years. Just looking for a great matching touch up paint so i can make them look great again. What does everyone use/recommend? Please feel to post links in your responses. Thanks!

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Sometimes it's easier to weather than touch up. A repainted scratch or chip can look good from far but far from good. Or engine black as Mr Melgar suggests.

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From my workbench to yours. I use a oil base flat black, sold at any hardware store. You will need paint thinner to get the shade you desirer, or get the flat black and satin black and mix until you get the shade you like. This being an oil base paint, you can fill in the chip until it is level. Use an extra fine brush. Sold in a 1/2 pint can for about $4.00

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Hope this helps: Gary


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