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I just received my new MTH premier SP GS4 Daylight and have been enjoying it a lot. Either in the packaging or the opening, one of the wires on the side of the locomotive was damaged and separated from the boiler. I've attached a picture of the spot where the separation took place. I don't feel it is necessary that I send the train back for repairs as it may have been my fault and is quite easy to do What method would you suggest I use to fix this? Is superglue a good option or is there something better? I don't want to harm the appearance of the locomotive. Any thoughts are appreciated. 




See the lower wire is separated at the joint.



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That is the frond end throttle rod, and it looks like it simply came out of it's little hole on the expansion lever. I would suggest simply sticking that unpainted end back into its hole. I wouldn't think any glue would be required.

Just my opinion but, I keep two types of ACC or "Super Glue". First there is the thin stuff I get from the local hobby shop, which I keep in the freeze (YES I said freezer!), in order to keep it "fresh". I only use this stuff by applying a VERY little bit with the tip of a toothpick.  The second, and more useful is the "Gorilla Glue" brand Super Glue of thick, or "gap filling" type, which is sold in the local hardware store. I even use the Gorilla Glue brand of Super Glue for repairing the various things that are broken around the house, or stuff my wife gets at estate sales.   

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