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You can't realize how excited I am to start this thread!

This is a biannual event for the last 10 years that grew out of a group of Forum members gathering for breakfast before the show.

WHERE:  The Round-the-Clock-Diner, 222 Arsenal Rd, 717-848-5344. It is on the north side of Route 30 just east of its intersection with I-83.

WHEN:  Thursday, October 19th. We start arriving about 7-7:15 and stay until about 0900.

WHY THIS EARLY: I gues because most of us are so excited that we can't sleep!

This is an event open to all York goers and their families. This is a perfect place for those travelling alone and in small groups to meet your fellow York attendees. Put a face with a name on the Forum. 1st timers, this is a great place to meet people and get the lowdown on the show. A great time is had by all.

After the breakfast, there is plenty of time to get your registration if you need it. Then, many cogregate in the Orange Hall lobby as we wait for the show to begin at noon.

Here are some pictures of prior events......


Come join us......ALL ARE WELCOME!

I need to know, post if you are coming.



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I will be attending this time around, very much looking forward to it!  Thanks for organizing Peter!

Oh no!  My chance to finally meet my friend who has adopted half my overflow roster over the years, and I’m not going!!  I need to rethink this back surgery recovery regimen!!!  Doc told me Monday he is turning me loose from all restrictions (slowly working forward)!  😃

@Mark Boyce posted:

Oh no!  My chance to finally meet my friend who has adopted half my overflow roster over the years, and I’m not going!!  I need to rethink this back surgery recovery regimen!!!  Doc told me Monday he is turning me loose from all restrictions (slowly working forward)!  😃

Haha, Mark, yes, I am operating the auxiliary Blackwater Canyon Line on my layout 😁.  I'm sorry that I will not get to meet you in person this time, but I'm so happy to hear you are not under any more medical restrictions.  That is great news!!  I know it has been a long journey. I have a feeling we will be able to meet sometime in the near future.  We will miss you.  Take care!

Disappointed too say I can’t make it in till Thursday evening.  Saw that restaurant on the map when I reserved the motel.  Probably have dinner there when we get into town.

Good spot for a “diner food” dinner…….try to catch a breakfast there. I give their Pumpkin Pecan pancakes 5 stars……..( or maybe I should put the rating system in a York vernacular, 5 Hudson’s   )


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