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Rebuilding finds:

A)K Line Golden State 027 passenger set. K21321 IC KCC Alco A-A ,#101,102 engine set along with matching 9 X 13.5 “ Mint cars, streamlined, furnished interiors, diaphragms. Golden Chariot 503,Combo 6015,Imperial Terrace,Imperial Range,Baggage 5065,USPS car 4301,Golden Moon 214,Golden Harvest 427,Golden Divan all sealed  in original boxes.Great for smaller layout.

Loco set and above  9 cars $300 USD , PP, fnf plus  actual shipping.

B)Also available 6 duplicate cars,Combo ,Terrace,Moon,Harvest, USPS car & Divan.. all in original boxes never been unpacked, $125 USD ,PP, fnf plus shipping.

Take all  above Golden Gate $375  plus ship

C)Nice Lionel 6-19039,40,41 and 42 Pete Marquette Madison passenger cars ‘ The Resort Special’. Cars only taken out for photo. Like new, boxes shelf worn, 15 inch cars. Great for small layout. $175 USD PP, fnf plus shipping.


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