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Originally Posted by cbojanower:

Just out of curiosity I asked my dealer how much to 2nd day air mine to me before Christmas.


Well I've been shipping a ton of stuff lately from my Stocking Stuffers Extravaganza... so let me take a stab at the cost using Fed-Ex...  (I'm just guessing on the Big Boy's shipping box size and weight, with $2K insurance, and going entirely cross-country.)  UPS is probably a tad more.


  • Ground:  $60, which is what your dealer has likely built into the transaction when they say "free shipping"
  • 2nd-day: $180
  • Standard Overnight:  $235


Yep... probably best to just let it take its natural course.    You can buy another 3-pack of reefers for the price it'll cost to expedite shipping.  Much better use of funds if money is burning a hole in your pocket.



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