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I ran across video of an operating prototype from the recent Amherst show.

( Not my video. Sorry for the format,  there is not standard format of this video available)

Hopefully theres a volume and/or an on off switch, or you can pretend your at an NFL game in your basement

It looks neat IMO:

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Good accessory for that Halloween display!  Could use a Grim Reaper figure at roadside, too!  Should be popular...even at the MSRP?...maybe? (oof!).

Wonder if this style of warning device would be of help to the folks in Ashland, VA?

(Probably not!)


BTW... Since we're highlighting an old crossing device...  Years ago a chap was displaying and 'taking orders' (measure of interest, I suppose) at some of the train shows, markets, etc. of a working model of this style of wig wag...


...or something similar...not of the tall, overhead version per Lionel, Z-Stuff, et al.  Anyone know what happened to him and his project??

Just curious.  Don't mean to hijack this thread.


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