I got a USA 44 ton loco and stripped the paint today. I’m going to paint it Fernwood Columbia & Gulf #D3. I also built a GM&O and IC caboose in G scale. I hope to decal them sometime within a month. I really like working in this larger scale. I had some preliminary landscape work one for some track. I have been saving track and I have enough for a 600’ main line so far.


The Caboose Track


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Dead rail is the way to go with that much track.  The track up keep and power supply to handle that are reasons alone.  Crest Revolution or Airewire systems are great.  RLD Hobbies stocks pretty much everything you need to install onboard battery RC in most any diesel/steamer.   I have both battery powered and live steam on my G/Gauge 1 railway.      Here is a shot of my live steamer, she is nearly 100 years old and going strong!     Welcome to G!     Mike the Aspie

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I'd like to place a plug here for G Scale Graphics.  They make converting to battery power a simple task.  All of my G Scale locos have been converted to battery power using products from GSG.  


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Welcome to the world of Large Scale Trains, regardless of how YOU choose to power your trains.  Live Steam, Track Power or Battery.   Very nice Bashing you've shown.




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