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This sounds like an intermittent electrical connection.  Since it's only one of the cars it's probably not a track issue.

I could be either of the 2 power connections.

Ground/Common: Outside rail collector to axle contact dirty, or loose wire connection at collector

Center Rail/ Hot: Pick-up roller dirty, or pick-up roller wire loose.

It's also possible that one of the aforementioned wires could have a cold solder joint or loose crimp connection at either end.  These are the simpler things to check, starting with cleaning the pick-up roller and collector to axle contact areas.

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The car with the blinking lights is a R16 subway car non-powered unit '6341' with item number 6-25592. When I just went to duplicate the problem the lights did not blink but the doors did not work either. I think the blinking has to do with stuck doors.  The windows  in this Legacy car have come unglued and one of them is probably wedged inside. I will have to open the car and check it out. I see  four screws in the base which I assume will allow the top to come off.


The blinking lights indicate a door error, which is common on the Lionel subway sets. To clear the error press Aux 1 and 0 on the Legacy or Cab1 Remote; the lights will stop blinking and the doors can be opened again.

If the doors still do not open and a buzzing sound in heard, the mechanism is likely jammed or in need of service. Removing the four screws near each truck will allow the shell to be removed. There is no wire harness between the shell and the frame but you will notice a rectangular PC board with contacts sticking up. This board makes electrical contact with a socket on the underside of the shell; when reinstalling the shell ensure the socket is on the same side as the PC board.

Hope this helps!


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The Aux1  and 0 cleared the blinking. Unfortunately the problem with the doors not working in one of the cars still remained. This is a set that I just received. There were loose windows that may have jammed the mechanism when I tried to open the doors or it may be a pre-existing condition. The cars on either side are working so I know it is getting a signal. Now I have to figure out whether it is the electronics, gearbox or motor that is the problem.

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