No, dealers order a few extras. They hype it up to get commitments. Cant beat Ro, I would call them to order one. Ebay cabs are much higher in price, plus they have the smoke unit no one really uses.

They will go fast. I have one of the red ones on order to complete the I12 collection.


L2026230 - B&O I12 CABOOSE #C2457

L2026230 - B&O I12 CABOOSE #C2457

Your Price: $79.95
Part Number:L2026230


........thanks for the info on preordering and the really great pics on your weathered rolling stock.  Really well done.

In the past I have done some artwork on buildings and rolling stock .  I have often wondered if this kind of thing devalues the product even if it is well done.  Can't beat the look though, especially as well done as in your pics.

Thanks for the reply.



No collector value in O scale. Just a little value left in a few pieces of O Gauge Lionel Post War engines.

Rolling stock are both mine and 1800 customers pieces I've done.

Thanks, glad to help. 

HEY SIRT........

.........surely you mean 180 customer pieces ,right ? 🤔  1800 , wow 😨, you've been a really busy railroader. 

I'm probably pushing it now with my wife and I doubt if I have a 10th of the time in this work as you do.

Great to see you having so much fun with this.......🤔 hobby ?!!!


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