I was trying out my LC+ on a garden railway. When the train passes by a couple of rock piles if you do not hold up the phone high enough it looses the connection and stops and you have to restart it again to get it to connect. The LC+ remote works better has better reception past the rock piles then the blue tooth.  I had not experienced any problems at train shows or my home layout even through walls with either before.  Other then lowering the height of the rock piles on the Garden railway or operating from the top of a ladder any suggestions??? Or others experiencing this? 

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I don't know what version of BT the LC+ is running, but you could be running into multiple issues with the blue tooth.  The rocks could be blocking the signal, bluetooth from my experience with it can be blocked by any kind of dense material, not just as with Wifi where metal is the culprit. The other factor could be the range, newer versions of bluetooth are supposed to be good for (most bluetooth devices are commonly class 2, which has a range of 33 feet (10 Meters),but that represents under good circumstances (class 1 is 100 meters). So if you are a ways away from the engine and the rocks are there, both could be conspiring to stop you from communicating. The LC remote does not use bluetooth so it is very possible that the remote will work better, simply because it uses different technology that may be less susceptible to interference. 

One possible solution I can think of is using bluetooth extender/repeater technology, that for example in your case if the area where the rocks are would allow an intermediate repeater to take the signal from your phone, amplify it and resend it where it might be able to get through the rocks, or if the repeater is placed where it can still 'see' the engine and can 'see' your phone, it might work. You can't boost the power of the bluetooth signal from your phone as far as I know (maybe a clever hacker could do it, in a sense upgrading it from class2 to class1) so I would guess an extender/repeater may be the answer, though  I have never used one. 


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A better phone wouldn't necessarily help because of the loco's limits sending replies remains the same even if the signal it receives is stronger. And I don't think a better receiver would help quite  as much. 

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Once again I ask the question... why isn't there an option in the software: "if it loses the signal, keep going at the last commanded speed?"  I'm guessing Lionel never expected this to be used outside at long ranges.  But there is no good reason why there shouldn't be an option like this in LionChief AND Legacy!

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With respect to the "what happens when disconnected" question, Lionel and BlueRail took different approaches. When Bluerail disconnects, the loco keeps going at the previously programmed speed and stops when reconnected.  A Lionel BT loco will stop within 3-5 seconds of a disconnect. Could, of course, be reconsidered.

On that range question, we've had club members standing outside in the parking lot and running the BT trains at club meets.

We took a bit of the height off the rock piles earlier in the week today we tried it out with a LionChief  Birthday Thomas. The little kids were given the remote today holding it fairly low about track level, the lowered rock piles did not disrupt the signal at all. But half way through the day a kid pulled Thomas off the track and after this what ever happened Thomas shorts out.

Hoping to get the folks that control the railway to allow a small fence to keep kids away from the tracks the little ones like to grab at the trains and throw gravel on the track. 

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