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Hello, as part of my battery install I've been working on (in the other thread) I've substituted a TCS WOW 501 for the Soundtraxx decoder I was originally using.

The programming for the Soundtraxx was pretty straightforward, and the Bluerail app got most of the default settings right. But the TCS is giving me pains. I've selected TCS in the Bluerail app, but it didn't seem to have the CVs set to the correct defaults.

TCS has the "audio assist" programming, but the documentation says "press button 8 for times too enter programming mode"

The blue rail app doesn't have a " button 8". I thought maybe pressing the FN8 button (mute) 4x would work, but no. Oddly, the Bluerail documentation specifically addresses the voice assist, and even says "press the F0 button to exit voice assist" but didn't actually tell you how to ENTER voice assist ( lol )

Anyone use TCS with Bluerail want to clue me in?



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Update: I've figured out a bit more. It's still rather complicated, but on the Bluerail app, the "Mute" button is actually "button 8".  Pressing this button once will mute sounds. Pressing twice in quick succession switches the buttons to control light functions only.

Pressing four times in quick succession actually works and enters voice programming mode. So got that figured out. My problem was not pressing fast enough in succession.

So I seem to have most of it programmed. Working on smoke now, which the TCS supports directly on board (even syncs chuffs to the chuff sounds using the EMF output so I can save the chuff generator for another project!) Only caveat is that it outputs around 9.5 volts (I'm feeding it 12V) for each output. I don't want to burn out my PS1 smoke motor and it used on board voltage regulation to keep it around 5 volts.

But since I'm running the heater separate from the fan, I pulled the fan leads off the board and plugged into a separate regulator. My challenge now is that the regulator is pretty large and I'm not sure there's room in the boiler. Anyone know if there's any way to isolate the inputs on the PS1 smoke board so I can feed the fan through the on board regulator and feed the heater through it's own circuit?


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