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Given that Blunami is menu based and they keep expanding on that concept, I have no real interest to learn or program via CV's.  Technically that is technology prior to the modern computer.

For options I like and want to retain knowledge of, I am just going to take some screen shots of some of my more favorite settings in the menu.

For instance in my video I said I liked how the dimness of 99 looked.  I might not remember that 2 years from now.  It might be easier just to play with that menu again or just reference how I had it set in the past by looking at my saved screenshot for that option.  The menu will certainly mean more to me than CV X = Y.

I did receive this message from ST.  So it's on their radar.  Just not a priority right now.

As far as profile save and/or duplication..  In short term, you would have to do this through the freeware program jmri’s Decoder Pro.  This program allows you to read all CVs, save profiles into a ‘roster’ then you can also write all CVs to a decoder.  Currently this is the only way with Tsunami2, and I say short-term in that I’d like to see that functionality in the Blunami app..  but for now, we’re focusing on the Android version first before we start attacking any app wish-list options..  We should be able to ‘copy loco’, read all CVs and write all CVs, just need the module built and added.  But like I said, that is not a today issue, but it is on the wish list.  Hopefully soon.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Some good news depending on who you are and just how scale do you want to run your trains.

I received a response form the developer on the Headlight coming on with the engine.  It looks like we will all just have to operate just like the prototype and flip our own light switch.   How awesomely realistic.

The iOS app has some old code that flashes lights or plays the horn on connect. This is not always desirable, as it sometimes results in the function buttons being in the wrong state at startup. We should probably clean that out of the iOS app.

Ron, I got the same thing.

The fact that the headlight comes on automatically in iOS is some old code that we probably need to go back and fix. The iOS app has code that is automatically turning on the light, which may sometimes result in the light being on, but the F0 function sitting in the wrong state. The way Android works is the way it should be handled.

This is a really interesting thread. I notice 99% of the issues brought up stem from people being unfamiliar with SoundTraxx Tsunami functionality - which isn't too surprising. There are 400-500 settings in these decoders, and prior to Blunami your best option was to start by reading a couple hundred pages of detailed documentation.  Kudos to Ron for the videos - very helpful.

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