greetings French O gage toy train afficinados.

i am investigating the BLZ passenger cars. 4 wheel trucks with more elaborate trucks.

i have some questions.

to my eye the wheels are smaller flanged than JEP wheels, is that true?

are these passenger cars considered toy three rail tubular compatible? 

Can someone share with me what years they were produced? Are they made of tin?

are they considered common or upscale in France?

might they run on 031 curves? Possibly run through Lionel 022 switches?

there appears to be three colors, green, yellow, blue, is that correct?

are they well built or fragile?

are the couplers unique universal to the manufacturer? How might one adapt to other makes? 

Has anyone here motorized a car to be self propelled without a lead engine?

Do the come apart easily for repair or possible alteration? 

I have seen them in an elevated price range, mostly in excellent condition.

What is a good recommended price range for played with runner condition?

does anyone have some that fit this description for possible sale or trade? 

Thanking you in advance for possible enlightenment on my inquiries.




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As some of you know, I am investigating the possibility of a small to medium double loop French train layout. Maybe with one steam engine (JEP 222) and one electric type O Gage period correct electric ( pantograph) engine(any suggestions?appreciated). I have parts of my overhead catenary for live juice on inner loop. I would like to use the recommended electric engine in that manner.


Edobaud and BLZ passenger cars are totally different. Edobaud cars are much larger, almost 1 gauge but running on 0 gauge. BLZ cars are a bit short for their 0 gauge, but further approximately to scale. BLZ also made H0 gauge trains, but that is another story. Edobaud and BLZ both have different couplers which are not compatible with anything else. Edobaud information:, there is not such information on BLZ (there is not much interest in BLZ apart from their electric GG1 like locomotive, search the forum and you will find it). You would be much better of by looking for some JEP cars; these are generally more available and lower priced (and nice looking).






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