I just bought this Overland brass caboose and would love to paint it in the bicentennial scheme.  I cover one window and remove the short vent and it should be good to go.  Has anyone made these decals in O scale?BN 11442 Herrin, IL 9-7-77Overland NP tall cupola caboose


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I have never seen this scheme before but it looks pretty cool. I have never seen decals for this scheme in any scale but Matt with Circus City decals should be able to help you get these made.. 


Good luck, Anthony

The cupola on this version is a little tall so I may copy it in styrene and shorten the cupola.   I wonder if the building drawings are available to make sure I make the cupola the correct height and move the smoke stack to the proper place a little closer to the cupola.


The BN Expediter, Apr 1997, Vol 5 No 2, stated BN employees in  Herrin IL repainted this one caboose used on the Herrin-Paducah local into bicentennial colors so that they to could show off their patriotic pride. 





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