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I purchased a used Lionel 2034190 (GP-38 #2085) and have a question regarding the bell sounds. This train can run using the included LionChief remote, a Universal LionChief Remote or the LionChief Bluetooth application.

When I activate the bell button using any of the above methods it rings 17 times then stops. If anyone else has this locomotive can you tell me if this is normal behavior or if it may need a new circuit board? I reset the unit with power on the locomotive, pushing the bell, announcements, horn buttons on the remote at the same time, turning off the remote, waiting 15 seconds then turning the remote back on while holding down the same 3 buttons.

Thanks for your help.

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A minor point and part of the OGR Continuing Education Program...

There are no dashes in EMD diesel model names. The engine here is a GP38, not a GP-38. The only place where EMD used dashes was in the "Dash 2" model line, as in SD40-2, GP38-2, etc.

If it says "GP-38" on the box, the box is wrong.

Here endeth the lesson. 

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