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Tried googling what this engine pulled but really can’t find much.

Trying to find either passengers or freight cars that match this since there weren’t any in the book when it came out.

Or was it meant to be run with the orange/red daylight scheme passengers?

Here is an awesome video of one:


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The 4449 was charted by the BNSF to pull an employee appreciation passenger train.  The BNSF did not want the engine in the original SP Daylight colors since SP is now merged into competitor Union Pacific.  Therefore, the BNSF paid to have the engine repainted into the black BNSF scheme and then repainted back into the SP Daylight color scheme.  As far as I know, the 4449 in the BNSF black passenger colors only pulled the BNSF employee appreciation train.  I have the MTH version of this model.  

The 4449 had her skirts removed at the end of the SP steam era (early to mid 1950s) and was painted black.  She pulled both passenger and SP fast freights during this time.  NH Joe

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