Bob Keller: Downsizing at the other magazine

All print publications are facing major challenges in this era. It looks like the future is digital, but who knows how things will turn out?

CTT’s problem seems to be a severe cutback in advertising. The content is still there, whether it’s your cup of tea or not.  But without adequate advertising revenue, the cost of the publication increasingly falls on subscribers, and that is where things may get especially dicey for them. 

I subscribe to and enjoy both CTT and OGR and wish them the best of luck navigating these dangerous currents. And I hope Bob Keller lands on his feet and does well in the future. 

What more can I say?

I know this subject has sort of gotten off track, and Bob Keller getting the pink slip was an bad situation. However, Bob has a great, really fantastic, track record and with Our Prayers and Support will go forward to another position. His resume will be a great asset. The magazines CTT and OGR, are very necessary in our Growing Hobby with all of their How To, Pictures of Layouts, telling about new technology that’s available information of upcoming new products...If I were the sales managers of either Lionel, MTH, SUNSET THIRD RAIL, BACHMAN, ETC, I would Suport their respective reviews with samples packaged properly and postage for proper return. I believe both. Companies could afford to do this.

i plan to keep both publications coming...

Happy Railroading...

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