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What he means is PS3 is wired for LED lights.  PS2s might be LED, but most are probably incandescent.  So you might have to change the lights.

I have rans new lights in PS1 shells to LED.  They can be popped out if you are careful.

You can also snip the wire on the incandescent light, leaving the light in place and then point the LED towards it.

Start watching this video at the 1:35 mark.

Sometimes it works and othertimes it doesn’t.

If you have a PS2 model shell it will work on a PS3 chassis, although the lights will need to be changed over, and it is rather difficult to do, as they add glued into the lenses

Took a little time but was able to swap the bulbs out and install the LED's into the "new" shells for friends (and the reverse, bulbs into where the LED's were) when they wanted to do this powering dummies.

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