A recent review of an MTH locomotive revived one of my pet peeves about MTH's crew talk. Everything that is said, is said in a bossy way. Do this, do that, check this, check that, etc.! I would hate to work for that pr**k!!!
Folks, that is not the way we interacted with our fellow employees! If it was, we would be at each other's throats! Do the people that work at MTH talk like that to each other? If so, I wouldn't want to work there!

It is long past time for MTH to provide proper "crew talk" that exhibits real life conversations that reflect how we interact with our co-workers!!!

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Heavens Jim, I thought railroad crews were the last place remaining in the country where Bronson and John Wayne could fit in!

On a more serious note and this might be an example you are looking for, I have a premier u boat where the crew complains about being late for lasagna for dinner. How touchy feely is that?

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