Went to the big train show in West Springfield over the weekend hoping to find another General to add to my collection. Found a couple but could only afford one. I ended up with the Union Pacific model by Lionel. It moves along pretty good.  I've been redoing my layou (The Southwest Tombstone RR)an placed it on the top level loop.  You can check out my layout in the video linked here. Lots more to do, but it's coming along.



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I received a 2528WS "5 Star General Set" for Christmas in 1959. Since then, I collected almost all of the postwar sets, and then started on the MPC sets. I gave up at some point in the 1990s. I have way too many. 


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I've got about 8 of them now.  Hope to expand the collection.  I love the nostalgia associated with this engine.  I wish Lionel would make Lion Chief Plus model with some weight to it.

Al B.

   Love those Generals, too! Have four of them. Took a James Gang cheapy, replaced with Pullmor motor, added smoke, changed the drive rods, added 1872 gold bands and other decorations and now have a Wild West version!

   Also have that Union Pacific, if it's the one that looks very metallic!

John Knapp

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