Thought I'd revive this post after being absent for a couple of years. 

Everyone always added great pics.

A Lionel  operating boxcar20200329_071326

A MTH voltage car20200329_071322

And our newest family fascination 




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Dad worked for the BR&P as a young guy so this B&P boxcar runs on the Plywood Empire Route:


Plus, as a kid I rode excursion trains on the B&O Buffalo branch which had been the BR&P.


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PRRronbh posted:

K-Line volt meter box car.


                              Thats' the most useful car on the NJHirailers layout.....

                          thumbnail [4)   

                          thumbnail [6)

                               Atlas 'O' 60' NS auto parts boxcar w/reflective strips.


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Dominic Mazoch posted:
rattler21 posted:


Lower left box car is the LCCA car with LEDs in the eagle's eye and blue field of our flag.  John in ILL

The green express box Weaver?

Dominic, Weaver it is.  One is listed in the For Sale or Trade Forum.  John in Lansing, ILLDSCN2091



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briansilvermustang posted


   some oldies but goodies.....

What is the 'window' in the end of this car?  John in Lansing, ILL

Rattler21 - according to John White - The American Railroad Freight Car -  the end ventilator opening originated with combination cars which had both solid and barred main doors. The cars could be used for hauling either cattle or general merchandise.  The end ventilator doors were also useful for loading lumber and became a relatively common auxiliary on many standard boxcars.

PW53inVa posted:

How about some Kusan Boxcars.




Heh, I happen to have all the cars in the original post aside from the red KRR and Southern Pacific shown above.

Someday I'll put my Kusan mini-collection in one train and shoot video.


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                                        thumbnail [5)

                                        thumbnail [7)

                           Atlas 'O' UP/MP 60' hi-cube dbl. door boxcar at NJ Hirailers, Paterson, NJ. 


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One thing about modeling the Pennsy is you need a lot of X-29 boxcars.  Here are a few of mine.

AtlasO X29DSC_0022 [2)DSC_0049

The Pennsy had over 29,000 of these.


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