DFA45B56-72A3-4095-A999-A03A04208E6BBBFB2BE6-F610-4424-93C8-B8F76A5BE937E80857C1-602E-4588-9C09-CDEA96F35ABC9ADC6B0F-3FA9-4808-8B4B-2D1F71D71B91hello! Just got these boxcars, but they don’t have trucks. I have some Atlas trucks, but they look awful. Anyone know what two rail trucks could go good with these? I don’t like the cheap weaver ones, so I’m looking for another more realistic pair with roller bearings. The last picture is of the weaver pair I have.


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From the chassis, it looks like a Weaver car. Weaver plastic or die cast trucks should work fine. Scale City Designs sells Intermountain 33-inch metal wheelsets that fit those trucks perfectly and are appropriate for that car. I'm not a big fan of plastic wheels.

The Atlas trucks are designed around their rolling stock which has a different bolster and sit higher on other rolling stock (and a bit high on theirs as well).

MTH got hold of the Weaver Die Cast truck tooling and sells the trucks now, but I think that's only with Hi-Rail wheels and the Intermountain wheels don't fit in them properly.

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