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Me too.

Melgar introduced me to the Big E, and we had a great time going to it together for the previous 2 years.

I find it to be an all encompassing train show, with merchandise available for scenery, structures, figures as well as trains in O Gauge and all other gauges/scales.

I greatly look forward to attending it in the future, and also making the pilgrimage to York, and meeting many Forum friends in person. Arnold

I’ve been to Bernies a few times. You won’t go away hungry. Their version of Surf & Turf was right up my alley. Prime Rib and Fried Clams. If my wife goes.  We usually stopped at the Steaming Tender on the ride home. I may have missed only once in the last 30 years. Without a local shop. I seem to stock upon needed modeling supplies. Lately it’s become more of a social event. Breakfast at Partners with the guys and dinner before the ride home. I’ll miss seeing everyone but already looking forward to a great show next year.

I keep track of time on a personal calendar in which years are measured between Amherst Railway Society shows at the Big E. Been attending since 1998. I travel round-trip between Connecticut and West Springfield both days and bring my wife on Sunday. A great show for anyone interested in New England railroads. I especially like the O scale layout of the New Haven Society of Model Engineers and its operating model of the Housatonic River Railroad Bridge (milepost 60 on Amtrak's New York to Boston main line) between Stratford and Milford, Connecticut.


I, too, miss the Big E.  Train Nut is right, it would have been next weekend (i.e., a brilliant bit of planning on the part of show organizers to place it on the one weekend in January when there are no NFL playoffs...).

I make it as a day-trip from Rhode Island and I had the pleasure of catching up with MELGAR a few years back.  It's a wonderful show ... very different from York.  Both are sensational.

At this point, I'm just crossing my fingers that there will be an October York.  That seems like the best we'll be able to do at this point.

Steven J. Serenska

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