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Hi Everyone, just a quick question. Has anyone used Hydrocal with Bragdon rubber molds? I know they are meant to be used with 2 part Cast Satin resin and 2 part Polyurethane Foam resin. The problem I have is I am out of both and on a limited budget. I have plenty of Hydrocal just sitting around that I could use. I just dont want to wreck the molds I have!

Any help would be great!

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The Bragdon molds are excellent, but the couple I have are fairly delicate (compared to Woodland Scenic molds).

So I would suggest coating the surface of the mold to help release the mold when it's hardened.

You might call or email Bradgon as they respond pretty fast I think.

Also, I think Eric Seigel may have used Vasoline on Bragdon molds (see his Making Tunnels or Mountains tutorial video) when using resin, so I think Vasoline wouldn't hurt the mold. I think he also sprayed the Vasoline with the color he wanted the base color of the mold to be (black in his case).  So you might check out his tutorials, DM him, or message on YouTube, as he's pretty responsive to questions on his YouTube channel.

Let us know what you find out Mike G. !  I'm getting to do a bunch myself and I prefer using plaster products than resins . . .

Not exactly the answer you wanted, but I hope it helped some . . .


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