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scale I collectionscale I layoutScreenshot 2022-05-23 at 20.26.50Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 20.37.18Allegheny KEY:SamhongsaSP Cab Forward PSC:SamhongsaSP 4-10-2 CLS:LIKSP Cab Forward PSC:SamhongsaSP SD-9 PSCSP GP-20 Challenger ImportsTRIPLEX Westside:SamhongsaSP F7 KEY:SamhongsaSP GP-9 Challenger ImportsSP GS-5, PSCSP H-24-66 CLS:Boo-RimSP MT-4 PSCSP SD-7 PSCSP Yellowstone PSCTexas KEY:SamhongsaUP Big Boy KEY:SamhongsaHello

I am from Czech Republic, recently I sold my collection of 1:32 scale brass models after swiss, german and french prototypes and dismantled my 1:32 french layout.

Now I started building scale 0 2-rail layout after Southern Pacific prototype.

I am looking for some models, which I would like to use on my layout and for my collection.

Only mint, not damaged models, in best condition.

I pay in advance by wire transfer and have a shipping address in USA by my friend.

Any advice where some of these models could be available would be very appreciated!

Thank you very much! 😊😊😊

Herbert Beranek


mobile: +420 777 921 673


D&RGW ALCO PA A-B-A, Key Model Imports

D&RGW Rio Grande Prospector Passenger cars, Pecos River Brass/Train World

SP Cab Forward, Precision Scale/Samhongsa

SP MT-4, Precision Scale

SP GS-5, Precision Scale

SP Yellowstone, Precision Scale

SP 4-10-2, Car&Locomotive Shop/LIK

SP FM H-24-66, Car&Locomotive Shop/Boo-Rim

SP EMD F7, Key Imports/Samhongsa

SP EMD SD-7, Precision Scale

SP EMD SD-9, Precision Scale

SP EMD GP-9, Challenger Imports

SP EMD GP-20, Challenger Imports

UP Big Boy, Key Imports/Samhongsa

C&O Allegheny, Key Imports/Samhongsa

DM&IR Yellowstone, Precision Scale/Samhongsa

PRR Texas, Key Model Imports/Samhongsa

VGN Triplex, Westside Models/Samhongsa


Images (20)
  • scale I collection
  • scale I layout
  • Allegheny KEY:Samhongsa
  • SP 4-10-2 CLS:LIK
  • SP Cab Forward PSC:Samhongsa
  • SP F7 KEY:Samhongsa
  • SP GP-9 Challenger Imports
  • SP GP-20 Challenger Imports
  • SP GS-5, PSC
  • SP H-24-66 CLS:Boo-Rim
  • SP MT-4 PSC
  • SP SD-7 PSC
  • SP SD-9 PSC
  • SP Yellowstone PSC
  • Texas KEY:Samhongsa
  • TRIPLEX Westside:Samhongsa
  • UP Big Boy KEY:Samhongsa
  • Yellowstone PSC:Samhongsa
  • Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 20.26.50
  • Screenshot 2022-05-23 at 20.37.18
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