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With fewer and fewer local shops in Baltimore, the web has sadly become my go to place to buy, short of an hour or more drive. And with MTH bailing on us, my preferred products are harder to find. MTH’s product locator, less reliable.

I had a great experience today with someone else’s LHS, a place called Bessinger’s Trains and Toys in Ambler, Pa. Found rolling stock on MTH product locator, and sent Bessinger’s and email not thinking about it being Sunday. Personal response within a half hour, complete with web page link to buy item. Purchase made. Grandson will be happy in 3 weeks on his birthday.

What made this all the better was when I looked at their web page, I saw that they were closed Sunday and Monday! So many thanks to the LHS folks who are that responsive on their day off.

Really great to have LHS service.
thank you!

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Hi Jim - Bussingers is a small family owned shop now run by Charlie's daughter (he passed away 6 or 7 years ago).   I purchased my very first MTH loco from him back in 2005.  Ironically, he was my go to place for model rocket engines and kits before I got back into trains in 2002 after the birth of my son.   Your post brought back some good memories so thanks for sharing.


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